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The biggest part of digital transformation is changing the way we think.

Introduce JDEC

Founded under the Sultanah Fatimah Foundation

JDEC was founded under the Sultanah Fatimah Foundation in 2020 with the following objectives:

  • Develop Johor as the regional trading hub for e-commerce.
  • Accelerate digital transformation for Johor local businesses.
  • Nurture domestic talents for digital economy growth within the state.


Government’s Vision 2020-2030

One of the Johor State Government’s visions in the next 10 years is to achieve full digital transformation in the 3 main areas as follows:



To be the leading Digital Economy Centre in Johor with expansion globally


Consistently deliver digital solution and lead the digitalization of all sectors in Johor

Online Education (E-commerce & Kids Programming)

The Centre aims to improve the level of competency on programming and robotics of local school students through innovative online learning system.

A train-the-trainer program would be conducted to train local teachers (target 100 from primary school and 100 from secondary school) to equip them with professional skills in kids and youth programming.

The centre also aims to become a training centre recognised by SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia).

Local SPM graduates would be given opportunities to acquire further education and training in e-commerce related field.

A job matching campaign would be undertaken by the Centre for these students with local businesses upon graduation.

Various events would be conducted to provide some interactive platform for student to exchange ideas. E.g. Scratch and Robotic contest by end of year 2021.

Live Broadcast

The Centre provides trainings on live broadcasts with the following objectives:

To set the standards and to create norms for live broadcasters on social media in Malaysia

To promote high quality content for live broadcasts

To create a sustainable and friendly environment for live broadcasts in Malaysia.

The Centre plans to provide venue and relevant facilities (Live broadcast rooms) for Johoreans who want to become live broadcasters to conduct live steams event on social media, targeting domestic or international market with the following objectives:

1. To help promote local manufactured goods and produce from Johor

2. To promote tourism of Johor

Develop live broadcast eco system, including:

  • Contents Marketing
  • Software Solution
  • Payment Gateway Solution
  • Logistic Solution

Digital Business Circle

Digital Business Circle act as a mechanism that strives for win-win solution for both local businesses and individuals who are inspired to start or build a career in e-commerce.

Johor citizens who engage in live broadcast and e-commerce activities could also source for products through the Digital Business Circle.

It would serve as a platform for local businesses to promote and market their products through a pool of e-commerce students trained by the Centre.

Media Buy

The first ever large scale Media Buy program undertaken to help enhancing the social media advertising and data analysis skills of Johorean who are interested in growing or starting up their own online businesses.

This program strives to helps local businesses compete in international markets by leveraging on the results proven online marketing techniques.

Participants in the Media Buy Program would receive necessary advertising training in advanced prior to be placed on various media buy projects.

Participants would be given opportunities to earn commission in this program, without having to advertise with their own money.

Technology & Innovation

The Centre aims to train up a large number of local talents in science and technology through innovative learning.

We will collaborate with social media platforms to develop online software that would help build a better digital ecosystem within Johor State.

We will also work with AI and IOT providers to help local companies in upgrading their production facilities and achieving their digital transformation goals.

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