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JDEC Junior Programming

JDEC aims to create programming education for children and teenagers, providing programming teaching services for children aged 5-18, which is conducive to the cultivation of children's comprehensive qualities such as logical thinking ability, creative thinking ability, language application ability and teamwork ability, and helps children develop in an all-round way.

Trends in Malaysia

With the prevalence of STEAM education and the government's science centers promoting science-related activities and competitions, the children's programming industry is becoming more and more popular, which has led to an increase in the proportion of children's programming instructors in all industries.

Recruitment wanted!

We welcome you to join us as 'Educators' in our centre as we are looking for responsible, passionate and enthusiastic individuals to be part of our team. We currently have vacancies for:

[Job Requirements]

  1. Passionate in children education and have teaching experience is preferred

  2. Able to provide high-quality teaching services, programming teaching experience is preferred

  3. Passionate in Programming, with teaching experience such as teacher qualification is preferred.

  4. Major in computer science, teacher training or related professional is preferred

  5. Strong logical thinking, able to teach programming knowledge in simple terms

  6. Flexible thinking, patient and responsible, positive image

  7. Strong communication skills, actively communicate with parents and students after class, feedback students' progress in class, and give reasonable suggestions

  8. Diploma or degree and above, with or without experience, company will provide training

  9. Age between 18 and 35

  10. Self-motivated, responsible and serious at work, strong learning ability

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