Live Streaming Training Workshop

Johor Digital Economy Centre (JDEC)

Johor Digital Economy Centre (JDEC) Live Streaming Training Workshop

Purpose of the Course :

To cultivate & groom social media live streaming talents and enterprises in Johor, finding strengths with high-minded under the pandemic new norms!

Target Group :

1. Permanent Residents of Johor who are 18 years old and above.
2. Must possess basic expression skills with considerably good command of the Mandarin language.

Course Date :

PHASE II : Tentatively April or May

Location of Training Workshop :

Johor Digital Economy Centre (JDEC)
JDEC, Country Garden Danga Bay, Johor Bahru


1. Mr. Tan Chia Yong (News Anchor of 8TV Mandarin News)
2. Mr. JC Cheah (Ai FM Radio Host)
3. Mr. David Onn (TV Producer)

What's in The Course :

Learn about the latest trends & directions of live streaming, streaming themes and styles settings, live streaming expression skills, live contents organization and roll-out, interactive tips during live streaming, live marketing skills & other useful tips.

Key Unique Features of the Course :

1. Instructional videos are provided so that the students can learn and review their lessons anytime, anywhere of their convenience.
2. Emphasizes on both theory and practical that complement each other, with 30% on Theory & 70% on Practical.
3. Uses systematic approach & coaching. The “Live Contents” production of participants will be assessed and guided accordingly.
4. Encourage group learning by establishing learning groups and allow students to collectively check and witness the results & effectiveness of group learning.


Registration Closing Date : To be advised

Registration Fee : RM288 (Payable Only Upon Successful Enrollment)

Individuals who completed 3 live stream practicals will receive a certification of completion.
Outstanding candidates will have the opportunity to sign up with brokerage agencies to become Internet Celebrities / Key Opinion Leader/Influencers.


Step 1: Fill-up the Registration Form

Step 2: Answer the following questions (Can be answered after registration)

A. Answer the following questions in not more than 100 words

a.) Give a creative introduction of yourself;

b.) Tell us why do you want to be enrolled in this Live Streaming Training Workshop.

B. Please take a 1 to 2-minute video and send it to to any platform for public view (such as Facebook, YouTube, Google Drive, etc.)

a.) An introduction of yourself

b.) The most iconic food or places of attraction (Choose either 1)

Step 3: Check Your Registration Status

For more information, kindly contact : Facebook Page or send your enquiries/ messages to 010-767 2300 (Joyce)





1. 请在100个字内写出:创意自我介绍和您为什么想上这堂直播课?
2. 请拍摄一段1至2分钟的视频,影片内容需包括两个内容:A)自我介绍 B)介绍柔佛州最有代表性的食物或景点

有的,大家可以参考JDEC FB page上传的影片例子

你可以再进入我们的网站: ,直接到步骤3 输入你的 Email,再回答步骤2的问题。



这次是线下的课程,课程原价为RM1288,苏丹后法蒂玛基金会赞助 RM1000,所以报名者只需要付RM288. 成功录取后才需缴交报名费








成功录取后的学生,会被加入一个FB close group,学生可以在群里交流和实习,老师会在里面尽量协助大家。


Step 1: Fill-up the Registration Form

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Step 2: Answer the following questions (Can be answered after registration)

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Step 3: Check Your Registration Status

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JDEC, SECOND FLOOR, COUNTRY GARDEN PHOENIX CLUB, LOT PTB 22056, DANGA BAY, Jalan Bertingkat Skudai, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor